asdfghjklidktoo asked: Okay seriously. I'm unfollowing inactive blogs but I just want you to know I'm never unfollowing this one bc /this is one of my favorites/ okay?

assfgjlsjdk thank you so much omg (〃ノωノ)

actually, my last ap exam is tomorrow (ap bio) so i’ll be back very soon with more edits~

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whispers hi guys! i’m still alive~ this year has just been busiest school year ever but i’ll definitely come back soon!

20/? Teen Titans + Flower Crowns Icons


I’m in the flower crown mood.. What do you think about me making some teen titans characters with flower crowns on them?

                                          I think you can do better. 

hi guys

i haven’t disappeared fully yet haha ;)

anyways, i was wondering if you guys think i should start making gifs for teen titans go too instead of just tt. im up to date with the new show so i could totally also make gifs for that too. what do you guys think?

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